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Our Team

Jesse Betts
Corporate Office Manager

Jesse Betts graduated from Johnson and Whales with a BA in Tourism Marketing. His passion for travel led him on an adventure tourism trip to Peru. It was during this trip that cemented Jesse’s love for travel and hospitality. While Jesse has been at StepStone he has led the implementation team in implementing a new company wide HCM solution which has helped move StepStone towards a more environmentally friendly future.
Before joining StepStone Jesse worked in several different fields with the most recent being the medical field. He joined StepStone after his tenure as a Social Worker/Case Manager where he was able to update New Horizons charting and record keeping systems, bringing the center into the 21st century. Jesse’s ability to remain calm in challenging situations as well as his ability to analyze complex systems led to him being recognized and promoted under Care New England. Jesse brings this experience to StepStone.

Has worked at StepStone since:

Interests and Hobbies:
Jesse is an avid gamer and has built several generations of gaming PCs. Jesse also enjoys nature-based travel, Softball and Dinning out.