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Photo of Housekeeper Making the Bed


The SPOTLIGHT AWARD recognizes employees who do extraordinary things for their co-workers, for our guests, for our hotels, and for our community. These employees embody the Core Values of StepStone Hospitality as demonstrated every day and in every way. It is our intent to recognize as many employees as possible with the hope of keeping our Core Values fresh, alive and emblazoned in all of our hotels. The Award will be given monthly, and in addition, a special awardee will be selected each quarter to receive the SPOTLIGHT AWARD of the Quarter for Deeds that far surpass anything that we can hope for. Finally, out of the four recipients of the SPOTLIGHT AWARD of the Quarter, one will emerge as the winner of the SPOTLIGHT AWARD of the Year. This special individual will serve as the ultimate embodiment of StepStone’s Core Values.

On property Team Members can use this site to nominate someone for the SPOTLIGHT AWARD: NOMINATE NOW!